Welcome to my homepage! I am writing on my favorite subjects, interests and hobbies! These include yoga, the video game Lineage 2, the current Laws of Chess (2018) for chess arbiters and more.  I love the internet and I am very active online, participating in and directing different online groups and websites. Sometimes, you will find me answering questions on flexibility, yoga and ballet on Quora.  Other times you will find me answering questions and discussing the laws of chess on my FIDE Arbiters group on Facebook. A group with over 1500 members. Dnd discussions take place in my closed, moderated DnD group “Oi Eklektoi” for selected members. I also love singing as a hobby so you will find few of my songs on my YouTube channel as well! I’ve always been fascinated by computers and the internet and one of my hobbies include Cybersecurity and Opsec. Occasionally I like to express opinions on those subjects, things that should concern normal users, like privacy and the future of the internet in general.

One of my personal mantras and motivation is nicely expressed in this song! (Yeah PoGo fan too…)

Every challenge along the way, with courage I will face, I will battle everyday to claim my rightful place.


Ideals like courage, justice, truth, artistic beauty and virtue are the ones I enjoy reading and writing about. Hence an interest in Tolkien and the scientific and human morals as expressed in Star Trek TNG, Voyager and Deep Space 9. Art and literature is what elevates us and motivates us as humans.  So we have a responsibility and duty to protect that what leads us to the direction we wish to go. One of the greatest lessons I had to learn was that the reality of adversity and the ability to overcome it, is what gives virtue its value.  Hence my interest in security and opsec in the digital and analogue and meta-analogue world, as well.

I love to write. Writing is a fantastic art that reflects the writers state of mind, interests and focus.  Mental clarity and an ability to organize one’s thoughts are essential skills for producing good texts. And the number one way to totally mess up one’s mind is to keep it distracted with social networks and smart devices that demand one’s absolute and immediate attention. That is the best way to divide one’s mind, distract it continuously with notifications that appear to have the importance of a life and death situation, while being totally trivial and unimportant. That is why I believe we should ban notifications! Like totally forbid them! That is a problem for all of us who love the internet, who love the connectivity the knowledge and entertainment it brings. Regardless distractions, this blog does reflect my wish to provide either useful information and even a little of inspiration, and maybe after some revisions, it will be more complete in its mission.