January 15th: All articles on Chess Arbiters have now been revised to reflect the 2018 changes in the laws of chess.

January 4rth:  A Guide to Tolkien’s grave from London It includes my trip to the professor’s grave, with photos and tips.


Welcome to my online playground. This is my personal blog, an erratic, mostly chaotic place where you will find an extensive collection of articles of my research on the Mmo Rpg Lineage 2. I have stopped playing L2 for 2 years now, but I am still amazed at the amount of articles I wrote about it. It really was an incredible game. There is also a section on the Laws of Chess (2018), Chess arbiters and various others texts I have written with or without much thought. I always wish to write more systematically on specific subjects I know well, like ballet and yoga, but never really get the motivation to do so. I finally discovered that I am not interested in writing about things I have researched extensively in the past. It is only new, unknown fields that really fascinate me.

Writing is a fantastic art that reflects the writers state of mind, interests and focus.  Mental clarity and an ability to organize one’s thoughts are essential skills for producing good texts. And the number one way to totally mess up one’s mind is to keep it distracted with social networks and smart devices that demand one’s absolute and immediate attention. That is the best way to divide one’s mind, distract it continuously with notifications that appear to have the importance of a life and death situation, while being totally trivial and unimportant. That is why I believe we should ban notifications! Like totally forbid them! That is a problem for all of us who love the internet, who love the connectivity and entertainment it brings. Regardless distractions, this blog does reflect my wish to provide either useful information and even a little of inspiration, and maybe after some revisions, it will be more complete in its mission.

No fantasy, however rich, no technique, however masterly, no penetration into the psychology of the opponent, however deep, can make a chess game a work of art, if these qualities do not lead to the main goal – the search for truth.

–  Vasily Smyslov