Yoga Dance

This is a Yoga Dance show I performed with my students in 2010 at the Municipal Theater of Corfu. One of my students was practicing for 2 seasons while the others only for 1 season (about 8 months). Choreographer and instructor: Angelina Kontini

The 2009 Yoga Dance Show was my first and my most favorite yoga show. It features my students and me in an attempt to produce an artistic demonstration of yoga. Unfortunately, YouTube censored the music which was a fine remix of a Sarah Brightman song called Harem. The funny thing is that the particular remix does not exist anywhere on Youtube any more. You can view it by playing this song “Harem” in the background which seems to overlap with the original remix, if you play it starting from 0:20 of the yoga video. The intro of the music seems to be cut.
Choreographer and instructor: Angelina Kontini