Tips for newbies Aerore to Awakening

I got a DM the other day on Twitter, with a question on what kind of armor should the healer wear after lvl 85.

Well, just like before the awakening (lvl 85) there are grades of equipment (armor and weapon) after the awakening.


R grade equipment: 85-94 level

R95 : 95 level

R99 : 99 level


Before awakening, the first thing you need to do is get a mentor. If you awaken while having a mentor you get your mentee diplomas and can exchange them to get an immortal robe set from the mentor manager. Once you get your set, you have to unlock its recovery type, which gives you various bonus. You can do that via a Blacksmith and the cost is very small.

Of course you can also use your Paulina’s set but this is temporary and will expire after a month.


You can easily keep using your S-Grade staff or sword at this point, until you level up and can invest in getting an R-Grade Weapon. M-Attack does affect healing but not dramatically. If you manage to get acumen SA on an S Grade sword, you can use that up to level 99. It really is possible to heal decently with such a weapon until level 99 but don’t try epics with it! For Kartia’s its fine and it also trains the healer in relying more on skill than equipment. If however you can afford an R-Grade Weapon, you should get an Apocalypse Buster and a Sigil. The Sigil increases healing, that is why most healers use 1-handed magic swords.


The R95 set is affordable and a must get. It is called the Seraph Robe and once you get it you have to enchant all parts up to +3. Up to +3 is safe, so you only need to stock a lot of Enchant Armor R scrolls to do this. Then you need to add element crystals for resistance to elements. This is very important to get additional defense during Raids and Instances. Without having your armor fully with element protection, you will receive a lot more damage from Raid Bosses. I will make a separate guide on how to put elements on the armor.


When you can afford a higher grade weapon, you have to take into consideration that you will need to bestow SA on it and the higher the grade, the more expensive the SA. When I say more expensive, like really very much more expensive. So, depending on your budget you can get an apocalypse sword and use as expensive stones on it, as you can afford. Usually, healers choose SA that add more HP to them. Or HP and HP-Acumen depending on what kind of passive skills and Ability Points one has. I will make a separate guide for that too!


So you have reached level 99. Congratulations! You are no longer a newbie and you don’t need this guide! 🙂


There is a daily quest which you can do and receive 1kk every day. This quest starts in Schuttgart from the Trasken NPC. It’s the NPC near the Olympiad NPC, just a few steps away from the Gatekeeper. After getting it, you teleport to Mithril Mines, enter and then teleport to the center. Then go over the bridge and down until you find another NPC that gives you a second quest. Now, you have two quests! Go into the water to find the first altar and return on the “road” so that you can continue from there. Just ride on your mount through the tunnels and talk to the quest npcs for the one quest. Whenever you see an altar, talk to it for the second quest. Once you reach the center, fall down and go North. Keep riding, talking to npc’s and discovering the altars. When you reach the center again, go West and keep going until you reach the first NPC. At that point you should have completed both quests. This quest is a bit challenging to learn at first but once you learn how to do it, you can do it in 10 minutes. 10 minutes for 1kk, is not bad at all!

The other thing you can do is sell the drops you get from Kartia 85 and Zaken/Freya raids at the Auction House!

A good way to save adena on teleports is to get into a clan that has a clan hall. This way you can always use scrolls of escape to clan hall and use the clan hall manager to teleport wherever you need to go. The clan hall teleports are a lot cheaper than then normal Gatekeeper teleports.

Finally, if you are really into it and want to invest the time and effort to it, you can start doing commerce in aden. Commerce is very profitable, like buying cheaply and selling more expensive, but it takes time, patience and you gotta like doing it.