Tips for Healers 03: Macros

Due to the slow speed of self targeted macros there is really not much I can recommend for combat situations. The only useful combat macros are party chat macros that share crucial information with the party.


Resurrection Macro
If there are two healers in the party, or the party members have the habit of spending a lot of blessed resurrection scrolls in instances like Gludio, then it may be useful to link the resurrection skill with a notification about who is going to be resurrected next by the healer. This way the healers will avoid rezing the same person and party members will not waste brez scrolls on same targets. Although healers should normally avoid resurrecting at the same time, as the cast is long and one of the healers should keep healing in dangerous situations.

#Resurrecting %target
/useskill Blessed Resurrection

Noblesse Macro
It may be a good idea to notify the part who is going to receive Noblesse by the healer, so that the party members do not waste time noblessing themselves.

#Noblesse on %target
/useskill Noblesse Blessing

Keep Confirming Actions
Note that these macros can be interrupted if you make another action or click somewhere between commands. So it’s good to confirm resurrections and Noblesse buffs. You can also use the commands the other way around, by displaying the notification after you can have cast the skill. To me it looks meaningful to declare intention first and then get the job done. If you don’t declare intention first, the target may cast the skill/rez as you are casting it too, thus wasting attacking time and spirit ore (for Noblesse) or blessed scrolls (for brez).

Why it is a bad idea to link Resurrection with Noblesse
I used this macro for a couple of months and it never worked well for me.

/useskill Blessed Resurrection
/delay 2
/useskill Noblesse Blessing

Most of the times I ended up interrupting it or sacrificing the safety of my party to allow it to finish. Even after waiting it out, the target would not always get up on time, so the buff was lost on the dead corpse.

It is a bad idea to use such macros because:

  1. 90% of the times you cast it, the player will not get up on time to receive Noblesse and you have to stand motionless lest you will interrupt the macro.
  2. 90% of the times you cast it, you will need to spam heals after the long pause of the resurrection. This leads to macro interruption.
  3. The healer may also get confused trying to avoid healing to avoid interruption, while he/she should have been casting heals between resurrections and Noblesse buffs.


Sustain Macro
This is a macro I still have on my bar but use only in safe situations like routine K99 runs with SOS. A lot of times I am giving myself permission to interrupt it and recast it, as my healing duties dictate.

/target %self
/useskill Sustain
/useskill Sustain
/useskill Sustain

Single Target Recharge Macro
A very simple, non-chat macro that should be in every healers bars. Not necessarily on the main bars ( I keep it on bar number 5). This macro loops a single target recharge.

Before Helios my macro looked like this:
/useskill Radiant Recharge
/useskill Radiant Recharge
/useskill Radiant Recharge
/useskill Radiant Recharge
/useskill Radiant Recharge
/useskill Radiant Recharge
/useskill Radiant Recharge
/useskill Radiant Recharge
/useskill Radiant Recharge
/useskill Radiant Recharge
/useskill Radiant Recharge
/useskill Radiant Recharge

After Helios all you need to write is:
/useskill Radiant Recharge

And right click on it to loop it.

Saha Buffs
It may happen that an ISS is dead or not available and you need to urgently cast some kind of buffs on yourself or on others. It is a good idea to have a macro of your Saha Buffs. This can also be used at the Olympiad. If you want you can add Limited Melee Weapon Resistance.

/useskill Power of Saha
/useskill Critical of Saha
/useskill Force of Saha
/useskill Speed of Saha
/useskill Resistance of Saha
/useskill Clarity of Saha
/useskill Blessing of Saha

Dots (Damage Over Time and Debuffs)
I have a macro with all 3 DOT skills of the healer but the truth is a rarely use it, because most of the times I use only Lumi.

/useskill Mark of Lumi
/useskill Dark Devour
/useskill Dark Backfire

Macros I have used in the past but discontinued them
Mass Purge, Celestial, Mass Recharge and Rebirth

Mass Purge and Celestial
I used these chat macros when I was participating in Gainak PVPs. I thought it was useful there to declare to players that they have Celestial on and that Purge was just cast. To be honest, I used the Purge notification only to prevent players from constantly asking for purges when my skill was on cool-down. It didn’t really help, because there are no time-stamps on the notifications, so the players don’t know when Purge was cast, unless they make a note at exactly the time it appears on the chat. In PVE though, and in other PVP situations like sieges, these macros are not meaningful and they only spam needlessly the part chat.

I used this chat macro because it was .. fun :D. But I removed it for 2 reasons:

  1. It was no longer fun to see the same message displayed more than once a day. A joke is no longer funny if you know it. Also, it was annoying for some players and spammed the chat.
  2. I could not determine the cool-down of the skill. If you press the macro icon, you do not get a system notification about when the skill is available again. However if you press the skill directly, you do get that system notification and you can know exactly when Rebirth will be available again.

In my General Macro article, I have published a macro for healers that can use it on K99, for switching clients or going afk for 30 seconds. If you use it for longer periods you will run out of mana. Check the macro on this page.


When I was lower level and my party was not capable of recognizing sudden threats to the healer and eliminate them on time… I had this macro: #I am being attacked!!! Get this %target off me!!!
Luckily as I evolved, so did my party members and I no longer have to press this.

For more info on how to use macros, check out List of all L2 Commands for Macros and L2 Macros “A Whole New Helios World”