Tips For Healers 02: on PR

If you have played Lineage 2 before the awakening classes, you may remember with nostalgia the times where you could soe by using the skill Return. This skill is available to Prophets and Elven Elders only.


Return and Party Return are two different skills  Upon awakening, at level 85, you have to sacrifice both skills for the Party Return awakened skill.

As an Elven Elder or Prophet you have the option not to awaken those skills and keep the single Return skill along with the Party Return. Both skills have the same cooldown (150 seconds) but you get to keep the solo Return too.

When I first created my main Aeore I didn’t think of doing this but I have met few healers who have not awakened that skill. Although it does not really play any significant role to your game play, its kinda fancy to have a solo return skill.