This blog’s direction

This blog has been slowly turning into a complete Lineage 2 blog. Whenever I encounter a subject that fascinates me and which I do not know well enough, I immediately feel the need to record everything about it. I start blogging and creating guides, collecting texts, creating image galleries etc.

This is something that happened to me with the laws of chess when I was learning about them. I discovered that there were practically no online resource that could help people learn about them. Something incredibly weird for a sport that is so widely spread. What I discovered later on was that many players, due to the complexity of the laws, are not really aware of them and just play the moves. Of course, mastering the game is far harder and more important than mastering its laws (which are subject to change and often unreasonably complex or not well expressed).

I think we should take the example of the University of Helsinki when it comes to explaining the laws of chess. I recently started a mooc course on cyber security there and was astounded by how easy it was to understand the texts. The teaching material was current, modern and written in the language of today. It was immediately clear to me that the author’s aim was to impart knowledge and not to create the image that knowledge is something arcane, reserved for the very few that can decode through the unnecessarily complex structures of language. We need to completely eradicate false and pretentious language in our education system. That does not mean that we should not use the language to its full potential. But in practical subjects it should serve the aim of the authors, to educate people, and not create obstacles to education.

It is also weird that whenever I master a subject, I lose all will and wish to write about it. Out of all subjects that I have studied extensively, it is probably the technique of classical ballet that I mastered to a very deep level. Do I want to write anything about it? Not really. I could write a book on the technique of ballet but I do not feel any fascination nor reason to do it.

The reason I like Lineage 2 is not due to its exceptional gameplay, because, lets face it, it has a lot of flaws. What I admire is those players, who despite the flaws of the game are able to master its interface and the mechanics of it. Lineage 2 is a game that is not fair, which is a lot like life! By knowing the imbalances of the game, it is up to the player to make use of them and adapt or to keep complaining. The most attractive feature of the game is the graphics that allow one to create stories and imagine to be a hero in a fantasy world. THAT is the most appealing aspect of the game! The second most appealing aspect is to team up with other players and reach a PVE goal. Like adventures on a quest to defeat evil and promote righteousness.

So for now, you may see a lot of Lineage 2 posts on this blog, until my fascination wears out and I discover another subject to learn and write about!