There is No Game

My Review 5/5.


I just love games like this one. Even though the graphics look ancient, the concept is ingenious, the game is fun and creative. There have been too many games that had awesome graphics that promised the best gaming experience of your life, but never delivered, because they lacked creativity and imagination. Big gaming companies can pay for incredible graphics but they don’t seem to be able to pay for creativity. One thing is for sure, you will never forget this game, the No Game!

There is not much I can tell about it without spoiling all the fun. I will not even post screenshots, so as not to spoil it. The truth is that there is no game but there are deep and untold secrets hidden in the non-game. When you start playing it.. errr not playing it, you will enter a world of surrealism, something like Alice in Wonderland. Nothing will make sense and yet everything will make sense. You have to solve some riddles to make sense of its world and that is all I can say about it.


Initially I played this game on Kongregate but now it is available for smartphones as well. I enjoyed the Kongregate experience more due to the larger screen.