The Secrets of Dimensional Chests

There is a way to renew and refill the vitality of a char without buying potions and cakes from the NCsoft Store. Not many new players know about it and even less know how to do it easily and effectively. The procedure requires a little of knowledge and a tiny bit of effort though.


The Dimensional Treasure Chest

These Chests are doors to another dimension, an instance zone that lasts 3 minutes, where the player meets a dragon who grants him a gift. It can be terrifying the first time you meet him but despite his threatening words, nothing bad can happen to you if you choose the first choice. Choosing the first dialogue spawns 3 different chests. You can choose one randomly to take its treasure. Once you open it, the rest of the chests open up as well, to reveal what was in them, but you can no longer claim their contents. Usually, these chest have element stones or crystals in them, according to the difficulty of the area they are found. Sometimes they also have enchant armor scrolls of grades corresponding to the grade of the area. After that, the player can attack one of the barrels that will blow up all surrounding chests revealing their goodies. These chests hide herbs and one of these herbs is called the Verdof’s Vitality herb which gives you a Vitality buff for 9 minutes. Once you get this buff, you have to talk to the Dragon again to leave the instance zone and then you got to run! Each second counts! You have to go to an area where you can get a lot of XP by mobs suitable to your level. The more the XP you get from the mobs, the more the vitality bar will rise.


A Word about the XP

At around level 99-101, the best place to xp after getting a vitality herb is Hellbound. Don’t forget that there is no level restriction anymore for that teleport, no quest is necessary, so you can port a lower level ISS there. Make sure to set up the ISS before you open the chest, so that you don’t lose precious time with the vitality buff on. Once the ISS is set, after getting the buff you either soe, port to Heine and then port to HB, or jump directly on the ISS if you are exalted 2. It is useful to set up a macro to invite and dismiss the ISS. On the ISS you can have an auto follow macro to press when he won’t be in the party. Why not put him in the party? Because if he is only a box and you don’t need the vitality there, he will waste your xp. Make sure to always offer the healers of your clan to xp them with dimensional chests. That is because for them it is impossible to raise their vitality without the help of a high level damage dealer. And healers without vitality will not level up fast, so your clan will not enjoy the benefits of high level healers :P. If you are lower than lvl 99, you will have to make several experiments to find the perfect area that gives the best xp for a dimensional chest xp venture. Some people have been known to use the Kartia instances to get XP with the herb, but I have never tried that.

Spawn Points of Dimensional Treasure Chests

I am not sure if these points are different in different official servers. In Zaken, these are very standard points where I always find chests. At the end of the l2 week it may become more difficult to find them, because more players are out of vitality and look for them. The spawn points are mostly dungeons or otherwise interesting zones. The number of spawn points listed are the minimum. In many cases you may find more spawn points. In some cases it is possible that more chests spawn on those areas, while in another cases the same chest could be spawning in different places. If you know of more spawn points tweet me @ankontini or email me. I will test them and include them.


Queen Ant Nest (3 spawn points)

There are at least 3 spawns points in QA that I am aware of. One of is about 2000 range from the entrance, inside the QA. The others are a bit trickier to find. If you know how to get to the Queen Ant Raid Area from the entrance that the Gludio Gatekeeper ports you then read on. If you don’t know know how to get to the Raid Area, there is an explanation at the end. Once you entered the QA Raid room keep walking on the left and don’t cross the river to the boss lest you get raid curse. Don’t enter any of the tunnels to the left, keep walking towards the last tunnel on the left of the raid area. Enter it and turn right. Walk straight to the end and then there is a tunnel on the left. Follow that until you find yourself in a room with 4 different tunnels at the sides. There are at least 2 spawn points near so you should be spamming your macro now: /target dimensional treasure chest /target dimensional will also work. If you enter the third tunnel from the right there is a spawn point if you turn right. By now your macro should catch the chest if it is there. Look at your map on the right of the screen and navigate your way there. There is another spawn point around but I don’t remember exactly, again spamming the macro in that area should get you the chests and you can go a bit exploring in those caves. The nearer to the surface you get though, the further away you get from the chests. So don’t go to the back entrance of the Nest.


(How to reach the Queen Ant Nest Raid Zone)

Teleport from Gludio to Queen Ant Nest. Turn back and enter the underground tunnel. Keep running on a straight line following the natural curves of the tunnel with the wall on your right. Dont turn left anywhere. Keep going straight ahead. When you reach a dead end or a cross road turn right and keep following the one way. Always go right when you have the choice. This way you will reach the Ant Queen Raid Zone very easily.


Tower of Insolence (3 spawn points)

Noblesse teleport to the 10th floor of TOI from Aden. Enter the corridor and turn left and run. Keep spamming your macro. Run all the way to the end of the corridor. That’s where the spawn point is. I have now confirmed a second chest that appears in the middle of the 10th floor. You can catch that with the macro as soon as you enter the corridor, if it has spawned. To reach it though, you have to take the right corridor. At its end is an entrance to the main area of the 10th floor. There is a spawn point under that floor, at the 9th floor which you can target from the entrance of the 10th floor corridor, just like the other 2 chest. So if you can’t target it from there, no need to go downstairs and look further for it.

Primeval Isle (2 spawn points)

There are at least 2 spawn points here, probaly 3. These are located on the left side of the island, outside the big jungle. They are easy to find if they have spawned by riding on a mount and spamming the macro through the area. This seems to be an area well known for its chests so most of the times they are not on.

Fairy Settlement (2 spawn points)

This is a very good place to find chests. Port to Magmeld and then either take the elevator upstairs or port to Arms of Timiniel. The ride on your mount and spam the macro. There is a spawn point at the right (low to middle) side of the black pillar shaped shade on the map.

Imperial Tomb (1 spawn point)

This was the first place I encountered a dimensional chest and I opened it without knowing what it is. Since then I have not found a chest there again, but tbh I haven’t really searched consistently. The chest was found in one of the underground labyrinth like corridors. This raises the question whether Monastery of Silence could also be spawning dimensional chests.

Guillotine Fortress (2 spawn points)

This area has very strong high level monsters that makes it impossible to search without and ISS to cast DM. If you have a box iss (or ARE an ISS!) then you can spam the macro in this area. There are probably more than 2 spawn points but since I am not at all familiar with the terrain I wrote 2.

Keucereus Alliance Base (2 spawn points)

If you port to Seed of Hellfire you will often find a chest at the end of the first room in Northern 1 or in the right room in Northern 1. Southern may also spawn chests. The problem with this area is that only character 97+ may enter it.

Prison of Darkness (1 spawn point)

A dimensional chest has spawned there in the center of the pre-instance area but it is totally inaccessible there. I think it’s either a bug or this proves that sometimes the spawn points are rather random.


This page will keep being updated with new spawn points. So bookmark and return!

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