The Pailaka Quests


What makes the Pailaka Quests so unique is that they are real adventures that a character can undertake on their own, like entering a solo instance. The Pailaka Quests existed long before NCsoft finally came up with the idea of the solo Kartia instance and they were probably (and correct me if I am wrong) the only quests where the player could be the sole hero of a short dungeon. Of course we have the 7 signs that is also an epic adventure, but this one has a huge difficulty grade, compared to the short and fairly easy Pailaka.

Another exciting thing about these quests is that they give really good rewards, especially precious to new players that have no resources from other, higher level characters. The third and final Pailaka gives around 700k adena, as part of the reward, which is a huge sum for a new level 73 character.

The Pailaka Quests are three and can be undertaken only in certain levels. They are not chain quests, which means you can do them if you have the right level, even if you haven’t completed the previous ones.

The first quest starts in Gludin Village at level 49-55 and rewards the player with a low C grade weapon, along with sp,xp and some adena. This quest takes place in a very mystical and hidden place in the map. Details in the guide (coming up soon).

The second quest starts in Giran at level 61-67. The scenery is near Zaken’s ship that combines exploration and fighting mini raid bosses, like the first one. The reward is the famous Pailaka Bracelet, along with xp,sp and adena. Details in the guide (coming up soon).

The third quest start in Goddard at level 73-77 and takes place in Varka Silenos.Outpost. The reward is the famous Pailaka Shirt, xp, sp and the lavish 700k adena. Details in the guide (coming up soon).

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