The Chronicles of Delecta 001

I always wanted to write a story inspired by my adventures in the official Lineage 2 servers. The plan was always to use Bill Brown’s incredible music, which I am using with permission. So here is episode 1! For this episode, I used screenshots I took when I first created my char. Shoutout to my friend “M” who helped me stage my characters death in Devil’s Island.

In order to dramatize the birth of Delecta, a wise Aeore, I am giving her a glorious past life, out of which we are only seeing its end, her death. In her new life, Delecta has no memory of her past magic powers, nor her great lineage, so she is born as a normal person that tries to learn magic from scratch. Although she has forgotten that she had been a great priestess of Einhasad in the past, she does have a feeling that she should be an Aeore, and she knows that from the moment she was born! The problem now is that she has forgotten all of her knowledge and the world is filled with hostile dark monsters and people. Will she manage to overcome the obstacles? Will she find the clan where she belongs? You will find out in future episodes!