Game for Smartphones with over 6 million downloads. My Review 5/5.


What drew me to download the game was its minimal game icon. I thought it would be an artistic type of game. When I installed it I discovered it was something different but nevertheless very well designed. The game is categorized as “Simulation” but I would put it in the adventure/action category.

The level of addiction that this game provides is epic. Usually it is upgrades and farming games that are addictive, but these are addictive in a compulsive way. “Survive” is addictive in an utterly fascinating way.


You are stranded and lost in the wilderness. How will you survive? You have to keep your body warm and hydrated. You have to hunt for food and create shelter. You can collect resources from the environment and keep walking towards the city at the east side of the wilderness. But what will you do if you run out of water and there is no water source around? Will you drink unsafe water? Will you eat those unknown berries that you found? If bad lck strikes and your equipment gets lost or damaged, if you get injured or poisoned, what will you do? Wild animals are blocking your way to resources and are preparing to attack. Prepare to embark on a dangerous survival journey, where your ingenuity and timing will save your life.

So far I have managed to survive a couple of times, other times I have died mostly out of hypothermia and dehydration…. :))


The interface of the game is very simple in graphics but the magic of the game lies in its narrative and mechanics. I am not even sure fancier graphics would be necessary since they are totally irrelevant and may even distract from the games objective.

If you install this game prepare for a lot of hours of survival games!