Super Fast XP Guide for L2euro

So you are new to the server. What must you know?

Free Buffs!
You get free buffs (up to a certain level) by click alt+b and then choosing the Buffer option.

Vitality Lollipop
When you are xping, use the Vitality Lollipop in your inventory. Use its charges wisely along with the vitality maintaining potion, that can also be found in your inventory.

Occupation Change
Use alt+b when you reach levels 20, 40 and 76 to change occupation.

Use Coins to buy the Sub Quest
You get 30 free Coins when you start, with which you can buy either the sub quest or the Noblesse quest. If you buy the Sub quest, you do not need the reagents quest for Noblesse (no need for the Hellfire Oil, skip that).

Warning on Subs
They only reach lvl 80. Most people only get subs to get some special skills transferred onto their main. Consider creating alternate accounts for other chars you wish to really use over lvl 80. That is what most people do on this server.

Where to XP
Lvl 1-10 in your starting area
Lvl 10-17 near your starting area (use the gatekeeper to teleport you somewhere near)
Lvl 18-27 Maille Lizardmen Barracks [Walk from Gludio]
Lvl 28-37 Cruma Tower (outside) [Teleport from Dion]
Lvl 38-55 Enchanted Valley South [Teleport from Hunters]
Lvl 56-65 Valley of Saints [Teleport from Rune]
Lvl 66-75 Hot Springs [Teleport from Goddard]

Armor and Weapons
You can buy low grade items as “common items” from the shops in Giran. Common Items are much cheaper than their normal equivalents, with the only difference that they cannot be enchanted. You can use these to xp really fast. Because levels come very fast, it is not worth to buy full armors and weapons for each grade. If you are short of cash, buy only a D weapon, then a full C set and a C weapon and only at grade A equip yourself fully.

Lvl 20 – D
Lvl 40 – C
Lvl 52 – B
Lvl 61 – A
Lvl 76 – S

Soulshots and Blessed Spiritshots
Can be found at the Giran Grocery up until grade C. You can buy higher grades from the dwarfs next to the Gatekeepers.

Luxury Shop
This shop in Giran sells up to S grade weapons and armors (as well as jewels). Worth visiting!

When you reach 75, you can either continue in Hot Springs or try out some Dragon Valley [Teleport from Hunters].

Lvl 79: Start the 7 Signs quest, it will take you up to almost 84 level.

There are no Mana Potions on this server and mages are not as strong as fighters. However, you will still find mages around. Mages should get a Kookaburra Pet because it has the ability to recharge its master.

Have fun!

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