Talks and Lectures on Cyber security:

I am going to link here to some exceptional talks on Youtube without embedding the videos to make the page more compact and with a better overview. You can click on each title to go to the Youtube video. If you love a talk, download it because they seldom remain online for ever. If you notice any broken links let me know.


| Cyber Geopolitics |

This talk is one of the best that Mikko Hypponen has ever given. It is a crystallization and refinement of all his previous infosec conclusions. It defines what cyberwar exactly is and what the nature of nations is, in the borderless territory of the Internet. He talks about cyber weapons and compares them to nuclear weapons. As nations keep spying on each other through the internet, it becomes very hard to embed trust on cyber products that specific countries sell to other countries. Mistrust and fear is increasing because politicians do no protect the internet and technology.

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