Manual log of new articles and updates of this blog.


May 24th: I completed a cycle of somewhat intensive H5 L2 gaming and wrote “The Kingdom of the Obsolete Warriors of Aden: A High Five Rant“.

March 30th: Added a new article on Lineage:  Nevit’s Blessings: Increase Vitality in the High Five (H5) Chronicle

February 18th: I added a new Guestbook for people who want to leave a comment on this website! I originally disabled comments in articles due to the vast amount of spam. But this guestbook has good anti-spam filters.

January 15th: All articles on Chess Arbiters have now been revised to reflect the 2018 changes in the laws of chess. Of special interest are: Illegal Moves (Revised 2018) and Understanding the Laws (Changes as of January 2018).

January 4rth:  I wrote a Guide to Tolkien’s grave from London! It includes my trip to the professor’s grave, with photos and tips.