The Fatima’s Lost Prophecy

(This documentary has been removed from Youtube. You may be able to find similar documentaries on this subject or even the same one, if a new person uploads it again.)

This is not your usual conspiracy theory video. Fatima’s 3 secret prophecies did exist and were revealed by the Vatican. There is evidence of this in the official website of the Vatican and the popes have talked about these prophecies openly. The “miracle” of Fatima was witnessed in 1917 by 70.000 people! This makes the following documentary particularly intriguing.


* Spoiler Alert * Do watch the video first before reading any further. What is mostly puzzling to me is that there is no other account (to my knowledge) of a divine being interfering (or admitting to interfere) so openly with the course of human history. It also puzzling that 2 of the people who received the prophecies died before they could reveal them. If the 3rd one hadn’t written the last prophecy, we would also have never known of it.

This is also the first time that an official church openly accepts the validity and reality of such prophecies and apparitions. There is a vast number of accounts of apparitions and prophecies that a church could not validate. The reason to that is that these apparitions occurred once and not multiple times like in Fatima’s Prophecy. The surprising element in Fatima’s Prophecy is the willingness of the apparition to perform a convincing miracle for the

The third interesting element of this account is that the 3 children did no see the vision in the physical world, although it appeared to them that way. They went into trance and experienced the interaction with the apparition on the astral level. The villagers who saw the children, did not see any divine being, instead they saw the children going into a trance. This could be real for anyone having visions. The visions are not really projected in the physical, rather in the astral. This has to be more complicated than that, for not everyone is trained to be aware of the astral. An element of force on their awareness must have been necessary to create this link between the divine being and the children.

How do these prophecies affect humanity? That is uncertain. The only action that could have had an effect and came as a result of the prophecies, was the consecration of Russia. That would mean that single and simple spiritual acts can have enormous power. The rest of the prophecies do not really call out for any action by humans. At least to my current understanding.