Martial Arts

Secrets of Shaolin with Jason Scott Lee (2015)

“Strength comes from being at peace with yourself.”

The amazing journey of an American to one of the oldest Shaolin Kung Fu Temples. Jason, a 45 year old martial arts teacher, sets out to fulfill a childhood dream: to become a student at a Shaolin Temple. When he arrives at the temple he is not sure what he will face and whether he will be accepted or not. An inspiring documentary depicting the heritage of a very ancient and mysterious culture.

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Enlightened Masters that have recently left the earthly plane

A very inspiring video on enlightened masters (chi kung and martial arts) that have recently left the earthly plane. A stunning quote by master Duan Zhi Liang: “The essence of all evolution in nature emerges from chaos. By understanding the infinite energy that is always available to us, we can flow naturally with the chaotic rhythms of the universe.”

Grandmaster Yang Meijun that had remarkable healing powers said: “If you want to achieve Dao you have to cultivate your internal world and a moral standard is an important part of it. Benevolence, intelligence, loyalty, diligence, dignity are all qualities you must have.”

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