List of all L2 Commands for Macros

I already have a post on Lineage 2 macros which deals in detail about how to use them *Click here to read*. But I decided to create a new page to list all commands that can be used in macros. The actions tab and the Ncsoft website seem to list all of them apart from the command /previoustarget. Moreover, I have discovered a few bugs in some of them. Where <> you need to replace them with the object between them. This list will get updated as I collect more known commands.

/target %self

There are 2 ways to target one’s own char. One is to /target <your name> and the other is /target %self. Both of them work but very slowly compared to targeting through the mouse. That is why most players place their own name tab near their skills. So that they can target themselves as fast as possible. This macro is good for situations that do not require immediate action. Definitely not for pvp.


This command brings back your last target as your new target. It can be useful when used in combination with other skills that require you to switch targets, especially between yourself and another target but it is also slow and has a serious bug. The bug is that instead of bringing your last target, it targets a nearby target or does nothing at all. Out of all the times that I’ve used this, it works accurately around 60% of the times. The same bug is known for the /attack command of fighters. Instead of attacking your current target, it switches back to your previous target. I suspect that for some reason, the program does not register or “lock” the target. Anyway, this is something for the developers to fix. Though this bug has been around for so long that I doubt it will ever be fixed.


This is a fun one. It displays the name of your target in chat. For example if you have as target a clan member named Julia and you press the macro command @Hello %target , it will display in clan chat @Hello Julia. Some ISS use this to show when they are buffing harmonies on party members for example:

#Wizard to %target
/useskill Wizard's Harmony

This is a macro that can replace the Wizard’s Harmony skill on the bar. Whether this is recommended or not? Well, be careful with the %target command. It is very fancy but can lead to chat ban very easily, especially if it is used too frequently. It can also become quite annoying to read about the melodies in party chat, especially in higher levels when the ISS may have to keep switching back and forth between harmonies. For a low level ISS box, its fine.


This command targets the nearest mob or flagged player.

The Chat Commands

All chat commands can be used in the macro slots, for example +for the trade channel, #for the party, @ for the clan, $ for the ally, !For the local shout channel , & for the global shout channel and % for the hero channel. Afk sellers can use these in loops but I strongly recommend setting the delay between shouts to at least 2 minutes. I personally block all adena sellers and WTB WTS spammers in Aden that loop macros every 10 seconds. So if you don’t want to end up in the block list of half the server, use the chat commands responsibly.

!WTS Eternal Tunic +6
/delay 240

This is a macro that when looped, will repeat the message “WTS Eternal Tunic +6” in the local shout channel every 4 minutes (240 seconds).


This is a good way to discover the target of a char that is not in your party. Because if the toon is a party member there is a much faster way to assist it: right click on the name of the char in the party block.

“<name of char>

This is the way to whisper or send a private message. If the person is in your friend list you can also pm him/her through the menu>friend manager> 1:1 chat.

/block <name of char>

Probably the most useful command in the game :P. Allows you to add chars into your block list. This way you will not see their messages in any chat.


Blocks all incoming and outgoing chats. Prevents people from whispering you. Note that this also blocks all chats, clan chat etc. To remove allblock use the command /allunblock.


In case your char is trapped somewhere without a soe on it, nor any summoner around to help you, you can use this command to soe. The only catch is that this soe takes 5 minutes to cast.


Displays which dungeons are currently in use, which ones on cooldown and for how long. A command you will use very often after awakening.


Attacks the target as if ctrl was pressed and flags.

Some commands, for example: /gm, are outdated, since gamemasters no longer oversee the game.

/nick <nickname>

You can set your own title with this command.


You can see your char creation date with this command

List of commands:

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