Lineage II

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Here are my posts on L2. If you want to know what that is, read below the list.

Lineage II is an exceptional role playing game played with others online.

It’s played in a fantasy world where you develop a unique character with magical abilities to combat. At the same time you explore the world and complete heroic assignments. Most players are organized in clans, where also the fun part of the game starts. In a clan, players help each other defeat great enemies, monsters or fight with other clans to win a castle.

The game has obvious influences by the DnD game mechanics as do others that came after it (World of Warcraft and more). The artistic style of Lineage II however, is what sets it apart from other games, it is highly aesthetic, at least for the computer era they were created!

This game was originally developed by NCSoft in 2003. Through the years, I played mostly on private but also on the official server. After a lot of searching and experimentation, I ended up playing the new and greatly improved chronicle of L2 at the Zaken server (Official NCsoft). It is by far the best version of the game right now and highly recommended to all l2 fans.

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