LF a Dream Clan/CP

I am currently at a point in my life, where I don’t like to play Lineage 2 just to level up chars, nor strive for an undefinable perfection or invisible rewards that will manifest after the level 100x… I can’t go into clan drama nor take part in senseless verbal battles about who is the best and who is the worst….

I want to play to enjoy the high level end-game and have a positive experience with other people.

Right now, I am playing casually on Ramona an Aeore, who just turned 95, (though I have an 86 Aeore on Core and an almost 101 Aeore on Zaken). My goal is to level up a healer on most servers, up to 101, for the day that I manage to meet my dream-CP or dream-Clan.

What does my dream CP have?

People who are preferably older than 30-35 years old. I could go into a younger CP if the members exhibit maturity

Punctuality, reliability: when we say we start at 20:00 then we start at that time and people don’t have to waste everyone’s time, waiting for someone to arrive.

Good manners, positive atmosphere: We all strive to improve as a group, identify and work on  our mistakes but don’t blame each other. So, nobody is a dick.

Fair loot: We have a loot system that benefits all party members equally and everyone agrees to it.

Intelligence. Good knowledge of the game: Preferably better knowledge of the game than me. I am not looking for the best players out there, just for players who make the effort and have the ability and the ambition to improve and learn.. I consider myself a good, active healer, able and willing to keep learning and improving. So this is what I am looking for in a CP in terms of technical gaming expertise. I believe that the determination to achieve something, ultimate leads to expertise. But an expert without a motive and determination is useless.

A sense of companionship/fellowship: Ever watched the Fellowship of The Ring? A group that has a good chemistry shares common goals and ambitions among its members and a dedication to achieve it.

They appreciate the Heine Harbor: This is not a must but its certainly a plus. People who are able to appreciate the music, the graphics and the lore of the game. They have walked through the whole map on foot, know the backdoor to Goddard castle, and the best views of the game..

So, I am putting this out there, even though I am not 100 yet, because I think it may take a looong time for me to find my Dream-CP!