How to Heal (Which Skills to use) for Newbies

This is a guide for new Aeores that have just turned level 85 and awakened their new skills but don’t know which ones to use yet. I will write firstly about the most important and easiest skills to use. Those skills that you will be using most of the time for routine healing situations. As you progress, your healing technique will become more complicated but in the beginning it is enough to learn to use just a few skills, until you master them.

Summon Tree of Life

If you don’t know anything else, a very easy to heal your party is to use the skill Summon Tree of Life. This places a tree that heals all party members that are nearby. The healing is sufficient for easy to medium in difficulty battles, when not a whole lot of healing is necessary. You just have to place the tree somewhat near the party members you want to heal.

Balance Heal

This is probably the greatest healing skill that can be used in almost any situation. It uses little MP compared to other skills and does two things: It redistributes the HP of the party in a way that everyone has equal amount of life. It also places a buff on everyone that heals them over time. An excellent skill that you should use on every cooldown, if healing is necessary. Try to use Balance Heal more than any other skill, it will save you valuable mana.

Progressive Heal

This is an extremely powerful healing skill. It heals the target and then jumps like a ray of light to heal any other members that are nearby. It works like magic, it’s very very powerful and very fast. So whenever the situation starts to get dangerous, you should use this skill. The only downside is that it requires a whole lot of MP. Each time you cast it, you use over 500 MP so if you overuse it, you may find yourself without mana very fast. This is why you should alternate between Balance Heal and Progressive Heal. And only use Progressive Heal when it is absolutely necessary.


Every ten minutes, you can cast the skill Rebirth. It will instantly fill everyone HP and MP! It is very strong and important skill that you should use wisely and in emergency situations. Be careful that all party members are in range, when you use Rebirth. If they are out of range they will not receive the healing. Also, never cast Rebirth when someone has Celestial Protection on, because they will not receive the healing. Celestial Protection blocks all damage but also all healing.

Emblem of Salvation

This is a buff that you should cast on yourself whenever you enter a dungeon or a dangerous place. It lasts for one hour and it will resurrect you once, if you die. Once it has been used, the buff dissipates.

Blessed Resurrection

You should always have this skill on a shortcut you can reach very fast. If someone dies, you should make sure that its safe to approach and then use Blessed Resurrection. Remember, if you die, then the whole party dies. Disregard what the party is telling you and always make sure it is safe to go and resurrect someone. It is better for 1-2 persons to die, because then the healer can rez them (short for resurrect) than for the healer to die, because then the whole party will die. Sometimes though, it is absolutely necessary to go and rez someone, because if you delay they may be teleported out of the dungeon, or for some other reason. In this case, you go to rez fast and pray you don’t get hit, or if you are fast enough, you use the skill Celestial Protection on you and then go for the rez.

Celestial Protection

This skill will make its target totally immune to damage for 10 seconds. Useful in a number of situations, though

Noblesse Buff

Keep the Noblesse Buff next to the Blessed Resurrection shortcut. Every time you rez someone, you are expected to noblesse them. The only reason you should skip this, is if you are in immediate danger. When out of danger try to noblesse the other player as fast as you can.

Panic Heal

This is a skill that quickly heals a single target. It’s very effective but it costs a lot of mana and should be used wisely

Mark of Lumi

This is a debuff that you need to always keep on the Raidbosses your party is fighting. It decreases the targets defense (both physical and magical) and consumes HP for one minute. It’s is very very important to always keep it on the boss and make sure you recast it, before it ends.

Managing Mana (MP) and Overhealing

There are three important signs of a bad healer:

  1.  he is always without mana
  2. he is overhealing it’s targets
  3. he keeps its party very low on HP.

So how can you save your mana and at the same time keep the party with full HP? You have to manage your mana and prioritize the heals. Use Balance Heal more than any other skill. Whenever the party is not in danger, use the skill Crystallize to get a bit more MP. Don’t use high MP skills unless its absolutely necessary. However, you have to know your fights. If the fight is short in duration, it does not matter if you use up all your mana. Essentially, you have to manage your mana so that you run out of it within 10 minutes. Then, you have Rebirth that fills the mana up again. For single target heals, when not in danger, use the skill Radiant Heal. It has the same healing power as Brilliant Heal but it costs a lot less MP, because it takes a bit longer to cast.

My skill bars on a level 86 healer:

And on a level 95 healer:

I may write a second guide soon with the rest of the Aeore skills and how to use them, and which macros to set up, for a bit more experienced players!