Facebook Problems and Solutions

Link Image Problem (Solved)

A common problem when posting on Facebook is that Facebook does not find any image from the page to display. The link ends up being a text block and nobody likes pure text blocks. There is a solution to this problem that not many people are aware of:

The Open Graph Object Debugger. This page allows you to see what information will be shared with your link. If no image is displayed one can “scrape again” to fetch that information into the link.

Whenever you create new content its almost certain that you need to fetch new scrape information via this link, otherwise Facebook will not display the images of your page. Of course, there have to be some actual images on the page to be fetched…


Facebook Revealing long deleted messages (Unsolved)

This is a very spooky problem of facebook. I have encountered this several times and it is one of the main reasons I have stopped using its chat option. The problem is this: Even when you have deleted messages/conversations, once the other user messages you again at some point, the old conversations resurface on the top of that message. This happens rarely, but it does happen and it proves that the messages you have sent are never deleted. Even when you delete them, they exist somewhere in the servers of facebook. Probably, if the other party has not deleted the messages, they exist through his/her account, but even in that case, they should not be able to reappear on your list. This means that if you have sent confidential messages and someone hacks your account, there is a possibility they could gain access to those, even if you have cleared your account of all content. Very bad facebook!

Because most users do not handle their accounts responsibly, one is left with few options. The most apparent one, and the one that grants most control is not to use facebook chat at all. Which is tricky, because at some point or the other one will be forced to reply to a message or the other. I actually think there should be a technological solution to this problem. Two users that engage in a chat should both have the capacity to delete the content they have sent from both users message history. This is the only way to ensure some kind of privacy. That would of course require facebook to be 100% consistent with its ability to kill old messages and never make them reappear through bugs as the one above.