Exceptional Music

Music has the power to liberate. It has the power to redeem. Music can direct the mind into paths yet unknown, and by doing so it sets itself free from the infinite loops that it so often gets lost. We cling on things, ideas, people, situations and the mind becomes accustomed to certain types of thoughts. While this may be entertaining, it actually deprives us from the time, the variety and the creativity that our minds can produce by moving on to new, unknown and adventurous frequencies. New worlds and new ideas are new frequencies for ourselves to explore. And music has the power to detach and remove us from the most painful, destructive and time consuming mental infinite loops. Music is the key!

Having said that, not every mind responds magically to music. But ultimately it does respond to different kinds of music. Until then, every person has to discover the types of music that affect it and set it free, by trying out many different composers. One also needs to cultivate the awareness of what kind of an influence music can have on oneself.

Music is not merely a sentiment. It is not merely an emotion. It sets in motion a mental procedure, so subtle, that it can be described as otherworldly, nay divine.

I spent a lot of hours listening to Glenn Gould play Bach and, without a doubt, his music has saved me in times of great distress. It has brought instant equilibrium and serenity. Bach to me now is the answer, whatever the problem! But this was not always so. In my teenage years, I would find excitement in Beethoven and could not stand Bach. The colorful and emotional Beethoven is more appropriate for those types of psyche that are not complicated, nor worn out. Beethoven will bring fun and excitement to a stable individual but he will create further turmoil in a tired psyche.

Of course there are other ways to affect the psyche with sound. The vibrations of certain sounds discovered by yogis in deep meditation are called mantras and their practice exert immense power. There are three problems when we are dealing with mantra. The first one that people lack faith and patience, and thus do not really try them but dismiss them. The second problem is that people try to practice them in a trivial way, without having researched in great depth the correct procedure and ways that mantra has to be trained. Mantra is such a great science and its fruits are ripped easily but the ones who have acquired the knowledge of it. The third problem is people have not awoken their sense of the energy body and thus do not feel how mantra is functioning inside their body. This happens either through a lot of work and practice or by someone else who knows how to awaken it (a really nice and kind person, most of the times a spiritual teacher) or through a combination of the two.

Coming back to music, I will post here a collection of my personal favorite pieces, from classical to new age, from mantra to psychedelic trance and even soundtracks that I find uplifting and unique. There is a great deal of music that is exceptional and remains unknown to the public. This will serve as an archive of epic and inspiring tunes. Some of these pieces come from computer games or other weird media and sources. And that is the reason they are not widely known.

List in process

Epic Music (Soundtracks, Computer Games)

Classical Music (Piano, Violin, Concert)

Exceptional Pop Songs (Unique Versions)

Artistic Mantra (Lounge Mantra Music and more)

Traditional Mantra – Stotram (A Collection of Powerful Stotrams)