Dual Class, Sub Class and Revelation Skills for Aerore

There are 3 types of skills available to your awakened healer (lvl 85+) which are not related to your class skills. These are the:
1. Revelation Skills
2. Dual Class Certification Skills
3. Sub Class Certification Skills

1. When you awaken your Aerore you get 2 Chaos Pomanders which you can use to learn 2 Revelation Skills. There are 8 Revelation Skills and you can learn 2 of them (one for each Chaos Pomander) through the Monk of Chaos at the Reliquary of the Giants.

Which are the best revelation skills for an Aeore?  I recommend Undying Will and Disparition as the best ones. Unbind would be better than Disparition if it actually did what the description says “render immune”. But it actually means “render immune to them” referring to debuffs. In which case, it is quite inferior to Disparition.

Can I unlearn my revelation skills? Yes, for 100kk you can unlearn them both at the same time and get the Chaos Pomanders back, to learn new skills. The NPC to unlearn them is in the Reliquary of the Giants; Monk of Chaos NPC.

2. Which are the best Dual Class Certification Skills? One needs to consider that there are 20 skills but only 4 certificates available for assigning. Some skills have 4 levels and each level requires 1 certificate. Other skills have 2 levels and each level requires 2 certificates to learn. There are also few that have 3 levels (1 certificate each level). And finally we have skills that require 4 certificates for just 1 level.

So there are really only 4 meaningful options:
1. Learn a skill that has 4 levels by using all 4 certificates.
2. Learn 2 skills of 2 levels each.
3. Learn 1 skill with 3 levels and then invest the last certificate to learn just the first level of another skill that needs 1 certificate
4. Learn a skill that has one level but requires 4 certificates for this one level.

The skills that require 4 certificates seem really impressive, like Light of Protection. But one can increase HP to 24% by learning one of the skills that require 4 levels. So it’s really difficult to decide here what is best. It depends on how good your equipment is and how much extra HP you already have from your abilities and weapon SA. Some of the most expensive skills are pure pvp skills. The most obvious choice for a newbie healer would be, in my opinion, to max out the HP increase. (Dual – Max HP Increase)

There are however few other parameters to consider. The Dual Class Certification Skills affect not only the main class but the dual class as well. So the skill chosen should, ideally, benefit both classes. Getting more HP may be good for a healer without much gear and below level 101 but a feoh dual would not benefit from that. Then again, if the main toon is not well equipped, then the dual will probably be of secondary priority. Healers over level 101 do not seem to prefer the HP Increase but prefer skills like the impressive Light of Protection (Has a chance of P. Def./ M. Def. +40% when attacked.).

Can I cancel my dual class certification skills? Yes, it just costs 20kk to do so at the Subclass/Dual Class Certificate Manager Tradon in Talking Island.

3. Subclass Certification Skills
With 3 subclasses (dual class also receives the certifications for the levels before awakening) that earn 4 certificates each, one can max out 3 of the sub-class certification skills. These skills only give up to 4% more of each passive skill and do not affect dramatically the toon. But every little bit helps. Especially if it’s about a stat that is weak for the specific race. For example The Cardinal will appreciate more casting speed. For a healer, the most obvious choices will probably be casting speed (it increases the speed you need to cast skills), P and M Defense (you become a bit more resilient to physical and magical attacks) and Critical (this results in better healing as more of your heals crit and give more hp).

The rest of the choices are:
1) M Attack/ P Attack: M Attack seems to affect healing too little to make a great difference. P Attack is totally irrelevant.
2) P. Accuracy + 2, M. Accuracy + 2. I have never noticed a heal that didn’t work. So I am not sure yet exactly how relevant M. Accuracy here is. This is something I need to research more.
3) P. Evasion + 2, M. Evasion + 2. I have not yet noticed that Evasion can be a good way to avoid either pvp or pve attacks. This again is something I need to research more.

Can I cancel my subclass certification skills? Yes, for 10kk you can cancel all of the at the Subclass/Dual Class Certificate Manager Tradon in Talking island.

On Holy Pomanders and (Pre-Awakening / lvl 85 -) Skill Transfer: Skill transfer was first introduced in the High Five Chronicle and allows you to learn skills that are unique to other races with the same class. This feature is still available, even if it is not completely relevant for awakened classes. If you are wondering what to do with your Holy Pomanders that you got with your main class, at your third class transfer: nothing. They are useless to an awakened toon. So you can simply delete them. If you received them for a subclass though (other than your dualclass) then they can have a very good usage. If you have a bishop sub for example, you can use the Holy Pomanders to learn Party Return and be able to teleport the party back to town. There are several useful skills for a Bishop or Elven Elder to learn, like Stigma of Shilen. This debuff decreases Short-range Weapon Resistance by 40 for 30 seconds and fighters love it. If you are creating the sub to raid Baium with archers though, it may not be very that useful. Note that transferred skills (meaning skills you got via a Holy Pomander cannot be kept after awakening. So creating a Shilen Saint and transferring Party Return, will not result in an Aeore that can keep both Return and Party Return. You can do this trick only with an Eva’s Saint.