The Clan: Oddity

Life is a collection of memorable moments. Moments that inspire you to be the best version of yourself. When you are in a great clan, you are experiencing the present, but if you find yourself reminiscing for years to come, then you know that it was, in fact, an immortal clan.

Tips for newbies Aerore to Awakening

I got a DM the other day on Twitter, with a question on what kind of armor should the healer wear after lvl 85. Well, just like before the awakening (lvl 85) there are grades of equipment (armor and weapon) after the awakening.


R grade equipment: 85-94 level R95 : 95 level R99 : 99 level


LF a Dream Clan/CP

I am currently at a point in my life, where I don't like to play Lineage 2 just to level up chars, nor strive for an undefinable perfection or invisible rewards that will manifest after the level 100x... I can't go into clan drama nor take part ...