Best Lineage II Server in 2015

The following article was written by me when I started playing lineage 2 on a private L2 OFF server. It was a time that I was mesmerized by the game, after not having played it for almost a decade. This particular server closed down after 2 months of my playing there and reopened as a Java server. The reason I am keeping the article here is for historical reasons :). After a lot of search I am now playing on (and can recommend only) the official server of NCSoft. Read more about my quest to the real lineage 2.


Lineage II. An old, beloved MMO RPG.

I guess we all want to get back into the realm of Goddard and Aden once in a while and remember the good old days of our heroic castle sieges; the adventures, the raids, the quests or simply the exploration of the enchanting hills and valleys of the magical world of Lineage II.

But where and with whom? Are there any good Lineage II servers out there anymore?

Well I struggled and sought, and finally I discovered a true gem, the most shining of all, and here I am presenting it to you. The following is a text I wrote 3 days after stumbling upon this great server.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I think I died and went to heaven. And it’s not even too good to be true. This Lineage II server is simply awesome. It has everything I ever wished from a gaming experience. What is so good about it?

a) The Language
The official language is English and they don’t just say so, they mean it! I have been to other servers before where the official language is supposed to be English but 99% of the hero and shout chats are only in Spanish or some other language. This is like an oasis; although there are other people from all over the world, who do chat in their clans or private talks in their native languages, all main channels are in English. You will find Russians, Greeks and Spanish, who speak fluently English.

b) The People
No stupid PKs. The clans are greatly organized with academies and recruits occur almost instantly. Of course, you need to be a bit friendly to meet people, however in other servers I struggled like hell and could not get a clan, while here I got one in the first 5 minutes I was online :P. The server is not overcrowded, there are no hundreds people playing and this greatly enhances the quality of the social experience. There is no vulgar swearing, only cute swearing *lol*, and people are eager to make parties, raids and help each other in xp.

In reality, there is much more action and interaction between the people in the l2euro server, making it look much more busy and creative than more crowded servers.

c) Good for PVE but PVP is also on!
Mostly self-explanatory :P.

d)No bugs.
Everything is like in the retail version of Lineage II apart from the fact that the xp and adena drop rates are much higher (x15). The quests however, are the same along with everything else.

e) There is no lag and no downtime.
So far I haven’t experienced any.

f) There are some unique features to this server, for example the free buffs available to everyone from lvl one, no matter where one is. This means that you don’t have to run to Giran all the time to get buffs. Just click alt+b and choose the buffer option. The buffs are organized in macros for fighters or mages and there are songs and dances available too. With two clicks, you are ready to go; the buffs last one hour and can be renewed anytime.

g) Vitality Lollipop and Potion.
This is extremely helpful to level up. I didn’t pay any attention to what was in my inventory when I started and thus missed the benefits of having almost triple xp. However I used it in the higher levels and in my subclasses. As a starter pack one also receives 30 coins with which you can buy either the subclass quest or the noblesse quest.

In 2016 it should not be too difficult to find a decent server to play on. One can try different ones though for ages and be completely disappointed. Especially for the experienced mmo rpg player, who expects something more from his gaming adventure, mere pvp servers can be shallow and unfriendly. This server though, has the whole package. If you haven’t still created a char there, do it now! And watch the magic unfold!

The name is L2Euro High Five L2OFF Private Server Or simply l2euro.

And no, I am not getting any percentages 😛 nor do I know the owner. 😛 I am simply sharing my authentic experience here! If there is any demand, I will publish my SuperFast XP guide for all, especially designed for the L2euro server!

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Best Lineage II Server in 2015

The following article was written by me when I started playing lineage 2 on a private L2 OFF server.