Best Healer (Aeore) Class

There are 3 healer classes:

  1. Aeore Cardinal (Human Race)
  2. Aeore Eva’s Saint (Elf Race)
  3. Aeore Shillien Saint (Dark Elf Race)

Passive Skills

Eva’s Saints have a unique passive occupational skill called “Superior Quick Recovery” which reduces magic skill cooldown. It reduces it 5% at lvl 85 and up to 10% at lvl 99.

Shillien Saints have the unique passive occupational skill “Superior Wizard Combat” which increases m attack by 10 % at lvl 85 to 20% at lvl 99. At the same time this skill reduces mp usage for magical skills by 10%.

Cardinals do not seem to have any unique passive skill.

Active Skills

Cardinals have a unique active skill called “Miraculous Benediction” that restores the whole’s clan cp/hp.

Shillien Saints have a skill called “Mental Recharge” that restores one targets mp.

But note that all classes have “Rebirth” a skill that restores the whole party’s hp/mp.



Party Buffs

Cardinals have the “Divine Prayer” party buff that increases healing by 5% at lvl 85 up to 15% at lvl 99. Eva’s Saints and Shillien Saints have the “Mass Mana Gain” party buff that makes recharging much more effective.

On Reuse Time

Some skills, like Rebirth have a fixed reuse time that is not affected by the passive skill of Eva’s Saint, nor by jewels that reduce reuse time. For example Rebirth has the same reuse time for all Aeores. But other skills like Brilliant Purge are affected by jewels that reduce the reuse time, so my guess is that they are affected by the Eva’s Saint passive skill too. The most important skills affected will be healing related skills. More research is required though, to determine which ones have fixed reuse time and which don’t. I wish NCSoft would describe the skills better.

At Level 101

Cardinals get a skill called “Divinity of Einhasad”. This has a 100% chance for critical heals for 30 seconds and decreases skill mp consumption by 30%. Sounds like a good healing tool.

Eva’s Saints get the famous tree summon or “Summon Tree of Sephiroth” which cannot be targeted and not only heals party members but also purges any debuffs.

Shillien Saints get a skill called “Shillien Protection” that protects party members from death blows for 30 seconds. If such a blow occurs, the party member’s cp/hp is restored to 100%.


For PVE purposes, Eva’s Saints have less cooldowns on their skills which makes purging and healing easier. On the other hand Cardinals have some special buffs and skills that enhance healing. The PVE advantage of the Shillien Saint is his skill to recover a single targets mp. Both Shillien and Eva’s Saints have extra buffs that recover party members mp. Cardinals will be at a disadvantage in recharging single targets when rebirth is on cooldown. My recommendation for PVE is Eva’s Saint.

For PVP purposes, Shillien Saints seem to have a 20% advantage in M attack, which is in my opinion a lot! This could make a big difference at the Olympiad against other healers. In sieges though, the healers tasks are mostly supporting and not attacking so the other races could do just as well there, especially the Cardinal which can restore the whole clan’s cp/hp with his “Miraculous Benediction”.

Choosing a healer

When choosing a healer class you should decide for which purpose you will use the healer mostly. For example, for PVE reasons you could create a healer dual taking into consideration not only occupational but also racial skills. If you want to play in Olympiad though, this can only happen from a main class, not from a dual. You may want to take other factors into consideration, like appearance and speed. Ertheia races have the advantage that their dual classes are immediately 85 level. They also have the advantage of speed. So if you create a healer dual on an Ertheia you will be much faster than other healers and as fast as the Eviscerators and Seers of your party. But since it’s a dual, you won’t be able to play at the Olympiad with it. However speed does matter in team events.

The Race Ticket

The NCsoft ingame store has an option that allows you to change race. This way you could be a dark elf Shillien Saint and change into an Orc Shillien Saint. This would give you the racial skill of 1% more cp/hp/mp which must be extremely strong in Olympiads. But who wants to play the orc really? 😀


For comments, suggestions or corrections tweet me or use the contact page.

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