Axioms, Notes & Guidelines

The following are notes I have taken during seminars or tournaments from cases that arose. They are organized thematically. These statements are true, beyond a shadow of a doubt since they were taught to us in seminars or told to me by IAs. They are still valid for the 2018 rules.


If a player in stalemate resigns then its a draw.

If there is checkmate, stalemate or dead position, then the game ends, even if the player runs out of time, before pressing the clock.

The arbiter has to intervene in flag fall in all time controls.

King vs King and 2 Knights is 0-1 in case of flag fall and not draw.

A player who does not write clearly will be informed that any claim he makes cannot be examined.

The penalty of a mobile phone is 0-1 and not 0-1/2 even if the opponent cannot checkmate by normal means.

If a wrong result is recorded, one doesn’t change it 30 minutes before the start of a round. Wrong results must be changed after the round.

Sofia Rules means that you can’t agree to a draw at all.

Team Competitions

Captains of teams must stand or walk behind their players and avoid eye-contact. (Feller Case)


Cheating complains can be accepted by the arbiter from players and any person having a Fide Id number.

We don’t search players during a game, because it may disturb their mood and play badly if they are found innocent. We search players after the end of the round.

If a player refuses to be searched he shall a) have the rules explained to him, b) be given a warning, c) forfeit the game.

If someone makes an illegal move, we have to tell him (among others) to move the same piece touched.

Clocks and Time

If you have to reset the clock then take new clock, so that the previous settings are available for the player and anyone who wants to confirm what happened.

To forfeit a player with a default time of 30 minutes, the clock must show 0.59 (from 1:30) and not 1:00.

When adjusting a clock we are removing the 30” increment (if that applies) because the player will get them, as soon as the pause button is pressed. The clock gives the increment from move 1, before it is played.

If the clock is not getting any increment in the second period then it has been set at TIME and not FISCHER. In this case we multiply the moves that were played by 30 seconds, remove once 30 seconds which the player will get once the clock is switched on.

If both clocks show 0 then its a draw.

If both clocks show 0 but there is a checkmate, then checkmate stands.

If the increment is less than 30” then it is not required to record the moves in the last 5 minutes.

If there is increment of 30” or more, then the player needs to record the moves always.

It’s not allowed for the player to pause the clock to write moves he skipped.

One must correct ones scoresheet from the other player in his own time.

Determined time is the time that the actual games started.

Quickplay finish

Quickplay finish does not apply if there is increment.

Quickplay finish does not apply to blitz!

In quick-play finish you can claim a theoretical draw.